Now that the Registrations for NEET-UG 2022 are closed, aspirants have entered the most important phase of the examination. This is the time to start the final stage of preparation and clear concepts. This is the best time to begin all processes to prepare for NEET 2022. This is the period of time when every aspirants must truly pull the reins, if they want to crack the NEET exam, 2022. We, at Parishrama, believe with the right kind of IMPETUS any preparation can be successful:

I – Important Topics
M – Mock Tests
P – Patience
E – Emphasis
T – Thorough
U – Understand
S – Syllabus

Important Topics to consider and concentrate on:

While all topics are equally important and one should not concentrate less on any one topic. However, it does help when you understand which topics carry more weightage. While the total number of questions is fixed at 180, the weightage of each topic may vary. It will help in preparation and give a sense of confidence about topics. All subjects; physics, chemistry and biology form an integral part of the exam pattern. Hence, it becomes very necessary to understand the topics which bear more weightage.

Mock Tests and Solving Question Papers:

There is no better way to prepare for an examination than actually giving mock tests. It is always advised to give as many exams, solve as many question papers as possible. It is advised to times oneself when giving the test. This will help gauge the overall performance, under pressure and time constraints. It is always fruitful to solve previous year papers, as this will give a good idea about the exam pattern.

Patience and allow ample time to rest:

This period of time can get particularly cumbersome and take a toll on one’s health. Thus, it becomes extremely important to give one’s self ample time to rest. It is advisable to create schedule that should be followed. This will not only help in catering to giving oneself enough rest, but also help prepare effectively and efficiently.

Emphasis on Time Management:

The importance of managing one’s time cannot be undermined. Being able to manage one’s time efficiently can help in preparation. It is always advisable to create a time schedule that will help track progress on each topic, from each subject. This will eventually help in understand one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Thorough with the Topics:

Once the understanding and reading part of a particular topic, it is necessary that you are thorough with the topics. Take references from prescribed and NCERT books. This will help you be thorough with the explanations and topics.

Understand and conquer weaknesses:

This is the most important part of the preparation process. One needs to understand the weak links, or the lack of preparation in topics. This will help understand the topics which need to be revised. This can be done by revisiting the topics from NCERT as well as other prescribed text-books, simultaneously solving NEET questions from these topics

Be Well-versed with the NEET Syllabus:

Preparation begins with understanding and figuring out what is in the NEET syllabus and how important it is. Without proper knowledge of syllabus it will be impossible to prepare. So, for beginners it is very important to know about the NEET syllabus and prepare for it. (Optional: link to the Blog with NEET – UG syllabu)

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