The idea of being successful is often times associated with being wealthy, in terms of material assets, riches and prized possessions. On the contrary, what most people fail to comprehend the fact that having a peaceful mind, a clear thought process can go a long way in bestowing one’s own sustenance. Speaking about having a peaceful mind, being a NEET aspirant, have you ever tried studying in a room that is bustling with people. Nine out of Ten would be unable to concentrate and give their entire attention to what they are working on. The human mind is easily distracted and has the tendency of being bemused by unimportant things. A number of Medical Professionals and Psychologists, often times associate restlessness and lack of concentration with anxiety and inability to concentrate on the task at hand. It may not be a thing of major concern. However, when you factor in the tasks at hand, it can get rather messy and chaotic in their heads. Often times we compare the human body with a machine, with the brain being the CPU. Let’s talk about it. Have you ever noticed, what happens when there are far too many background applications running in a Mobile Device or a PC? The PC freezes, its functioning is severely affected, and ultimately toasts the device. This happens with the brain too. If you work on too many things at once, your brain ceases to function optimally. It is here that you need to tell yourself what others talk about your abilities is not what defines you. You need to bring up the mental strength to address your own fears, and conquer them.

Well, you might be wondering why is there a blog about mental health on a NEET academy website, and what is the reason behind comparing a Human brain with a computer. In the grand scheme of things it is necessary that you, as NEET aspirant come to terms with the fact that unless you have the mental satisfaction, peace and joy of doing what you love, every passing minute might turn into something that you dread, hate and, dislike. And this is where the comparison between a Human brain and a CPU, comes into picture. While the main process, that being your preparation for NEET exam, is running; There will be numerous unnecessary pondering thoughts that maybe induced externally or internally; which slows you down that degrades your thinking power and ultimately hinders the entire process. We, here at Parishrama help you concentrate on your NEET preparations, and not to mention fall in love with the process, and ultimately be prepared to compete with foreign medical graduates. Here is a statistic regarding mental illness that will shed light on the dire state of mental health. According to WHO, nearly 13% or roughly one in ten individuals suffer from mental illness of various kinds. What is worse is; In low and middle income countries roughly 80% of the people suffering from such disorders do not receive the treatment they need. This is mostly because people discredit the need for mental wellness, especially in countries like India, where the concept of mental health is still a mystery amongst most individuals. This is what makes foreign medical graduates different from ours.

In the words of American essayist and writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” The words bear deeper meaning than what actually comes through. People will always tell you how important the NEET exam is, and how much it would mean to you if you crack the entrance exams and find yourself a place on the merit list. However, nobody will tell you how important the period before your exams, are. At Parishrama, we focus on precisely that, we help you build your journey, your path to unparalleled success.In a country where the aversion from Mental Health is so high, we at Parishrama give it the highest regard. Our study programs and coaching style helps entail a balance between study and play. At Parishrama we make sure of your success in the eligibility cum entrance test. It is about never giving up. The pressure is immense while preparing for examinations like this, and the difficulty level is increasing day by day. This is why we, at Parishrama, have one goal; How can we make it easier for you as an aspirant to achieve your dreams and goals.