The time leading up to the NEET exams can be rather tumultuous, however, what comes after it remains a big question in the minds of the young aspirants. According to Indian Express, nearly 15 lakh individuals took the National Eligibility cum entrance test (NEET) in 2021 and approximately 50% made it into the prime Medical Colleges in India. It would take a separate blog altogether to walk you through the counselling phase, which comes after, and there are a wide array of courses to choose from like, MBBS, BDS, AYUSH, BVSc & AH, BSc, etc. The number and sheer amount of choices offered can get rather confusing and bewildering for any young aspirant who is eligible to apply for these courses after cracking the NEET exams. When you factor in having to get through the State Medical Council and the Medical Council of India(MCC), as a part of your counselling procedure, the processes can leave you clueless. We here at Parishrama, give you ample counselling based on your strengths in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and give you the power to make the right choices for yourself, and forge a path in Medicine, that is not only best suited, but also, the most fruitful for you.

Once you get through the phase of finding yourself the best-suited course, I dare say it is all bells and whistles when you begin studying. It is not, it may get tougher, or easier, based on your approach to it. In a broader sense, as many Medical Practitioners have described it; Medicine is not a discipline it is a way of life, in the essence that Medical Practitioners are required to be up to speed on all things related to Medicine. In retrospect, it is safe to say that Medicine remains one of the few disciplines that will always have you keep up with modern technologies and better healthcare. In short, it remains as one of the few disciplines where, as a Practitioner, you need to be studying and updating yourself constantly about diseases, disorders, infection, etc., even after the completion of your Post Graduate study. We, at Parishrama, inculcate this habit of studying, inquisitiveness, and the hunger within you to cope with the times that lie ahead of you. We inculcate a very high level of curiosity and tenacity in our aspirants that not only help them be smarter but also, help them compete with foreign medical graduates and practitioners, and be at par, if not better than, the very best.

A Times of India Report headlined “Record 16L+ candidates register for NEET-UG” talks about how the number of candidates, who registered for the NEET exam, has gone up from 11 lakhs in 2017 to a whopping 16 lakhs in 2021. A 50% jump in just 4 years. There are two different ways to look at it. Firstly, we can say that, if anything more people are going to take up the exams and it would get that much more difficult to get on the 15% reserved for the All India Quota (AIQ). Secondly, a slightly more optimistic way to look at it would be, that more of the Indian youth are keen on taking up a career in Medicine. More individuals are interested in Medicine than before. A more interesting fact that comes from the same report states that the number of aspirants taking screening tests in native and other languages has doubled in the last four years. It means more aspirants are taking the exams without having the obligation to take the exam in English. This statistic tells you how more and more individuals are becoming aware of these eligibility exams and how with the increasing number of registration, we are giving space for more talent to be showcased. In retrospect, with the number of registrations growing every week, we believe it becomes a part of our duty, at Parishrama, to provide young aspirants with the highest quality training, and crack the NEET exams with ease.