In their journey to become a medical student, every aspirant must go through multiple stages. The last and probably the most significant one is the Counselling stage. This stage is where most aspirants understand and select their college and course of study. NEET Counselling is conducted by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). Counselling has been made an online procedure since the inception of COVID, and aspirants can now choose their seats online. That is, they can choose from either MBBS/BDS based on their rank on the merit list. Here are some important facts and details that you should know about NEET Counselling 2022

1. When does NEET Counselling for 2022 start? 

The NEET exam is slated to be conducted on the 17th of July, and the registrations are currently open. The counseling begins roughly a month after the exam is conducted, in August. The counseling is done for only those candidates who have successfully cleared the examination. The Counselling dates are, however not announced yet. They are usually announced soon after the examination is conducted.

2. How long does the Counselling last?

NEET counseling can take up to 2-3 months, starting from eligibility status, to payment of fees. The entire process is very extravagant and each qualified candidate gets the opportunity to enroll in the course they desire. Online counseling takes place only in two rounds.

3. What are AIQ and State Quota?

AIQ stands for All India quota. It accounts for about 15% of the seats in all the states. It is reserved for those students who have achieved exceptional rank in their exams. The State Quota accounts for the rest of the seats in each state, for every aspirant that has qualified.

4. Which colleges come for Counselling?

NEET is a national examination, and colleges from all over the country come for counseling. Now that is the only single examination that is held for all medical colleges across the country. All colleges must select their candidates through this single counseling session. From renowned universities like Delhi University to private medical colleges, all come for counseling.

5. What happens after Counselling?

Once a candidate has selected their choice of study that is choose a BDS seat or an MBBS seat, they have completed the counseling process. The choice of seat, however, is not an exercise of free will. A candidate must secure a commendable position on the merit list. Only then they will be eligible to choose from state quota seats or, AQI seats.

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