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Knowledge is the first step to greatness!

Join the place where concepts meet understanding, hard work meets results, and dreams meet reality. Let your journey in seeking knowledge begin with us! Every program designed here is by highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty to help you improve yourself. We aim to bring a positive change in you with each passing day. We want to provide an opportunity for every student to learn and grow.

Parishrama teaches you the right way to work hard and, most importantly, builds in the confidence and attitude you require when you face your NEET exams. With an in-depth understanding of the subjects and well-researched and result-oriented methods, we at Parishrama have repeatedly proven our tenacity in producing outstanding results. We equip our students with knowledge and power, sending them throughout India to fulfill their calling and purpose as the best doctors India could produce. Our students at AIIMS, JIPMER, BMC, and other top institutes are a testimony to this.

Take the first step towards chasing your dream; here is where Dreams become Reality. Help us walk the journey with you at Parishrama, and it will be your hard work and ours together.

Expert Instructors
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Hours Invested Every Year
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why choose us


Motivational talks
by experts


R&D team that prepares
mock question papers


15-17 hours of
everyday study


Solving thousands of
MCQs in every subject




doubt-clarification session


Regular assessment of
assignments and tests


Regular Parent-teacher meetings.


Exclusive workshop by
the faculty from Kota


Separate hostel for
boys and girls


Daily and weekend
performance tests


Closely monitored
study hours


Special emphasis on
a nutritious diet


App for parents to track
every day activities

24x7 Security and Medical Assistance

24x7 Security and Medical Assistance

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At Parishrama, long term courses are focused from the rudimentary to advanced level concepts. Our faculty provides in-depth understanding of topics making even the trickiest concepts crystal clear.

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At Parishrama, long term courses are focused from the rudimentary to advanced level concepts. Our faculty provides in-depth understanding of topics making even the trickiest concepts crystal clear


Coming from an orthodox background, I never could have imagined reaching where I am today. Pradeep sir is the reason I am here, he not only spoke to my parents and convinced them to let me follow my passion but also assured them that I will have a homely experience at Parishrama. That is exactly what happened, Parishrama for me became my second home and I could concentrate on my studies and everything else was taken care of by the friendly teaching and non-teaching staff here. I am finally on my way to becoming a doctor.

Sanjana B.

I always knew I had a strong chance of cracking NEET but there was small self-doubt. Parishrama took that fear out of me and helped me believe that I am good enough to achieve my goal. The faculty here stood by me at every obstacle and ensured that my concept clarity was taken care of, which went a long way in me cracking NEET.

Prajwal M. B.

Teaching is top-class at Parishrama but the hospitality they provide is even better. We study
for many hours every day and the concentration levels drop after a certain point. That is when
I felt my energy was getting sapped and I needed that extra push. I quickly realised that
nutritious food and good rest are equally important while preparing for the exams and that is
exactly what we get at Parishrama. I would give a 10 on 10 to Parishrama on this. I have
cracked NEET now and I will always be thankful to Parishrama NEET Academy.

Yashas J.

I am very proud and happy to see my son achieve such good marks. I thank the team of Parishrama for their dedicated support that guided my son through his success. They not only gave textual knowledge but also have shown them the way to do their best.

Radha (Sathwik M’s Mother)

Parishrama for me is the place which made me believe that I could fulfil my dream ofbecoming a doctor. There is no success without hard work and dedication is what Pradeep sir always tells and I agree with that. I planned and prepared as per the guidance of the faculty here and have reaped its results. The motivation sessions by Pradeep sir can change anyone’s life entirely and make them believe in themselves. I scored 700 in NEET and am about to enter my dream college to pursue MBBS. Thanks, Parishrama!

Satvik M.

NEET is one of the toughest exams out there. We are sure there are many who haven’t cleared it inspite of all the efforts. Our Founder and MD Mr. Pradeep Eshwar has a message for everyone who has failed !  #neet #parishramaneetacademy #neetacademy #parishrama #parishramacademy #neetpreparation #neetaspirants #neet2023 #neet2024
Never lose hope! Parishrama is there, even for the NEXT time.  #parishramaneetacademy #neetpreparation #neet #neetaspirants
Spider-Man is known for his agility and quick thinking, which are crucial traits for effective learners. We ought to see how our students relate their lecturers to their super heroes.  #parishramaneetacademy #parishramaneet #funactivity #neet #neetacademy
What is Parishrama? We often come across this question. 
We thought of getting this answered from none other than our Founder and MD Mr. Pradeep Eshwar himself!  #parishramaneetacademy #parishramaneet #parishrama #pradeepeshwar
With overwhelming responses from students all over India, we are proud to inform you that we have started a new course to help every student to crack NEET 2024, CET 2024, and JEE 2024.
The course will be delivered through practice tests and doubt-clearing sessions. In addition, students will have access to expert faculty who will guide them through the course material and provide feedback on their progress. The course will also include a comprehensive study plan and exam-taking strategies to help students optimize their preparation in the time available.
Call us today to book your seats at +91 87924 95789
Our results 📄 do all the 🗣talking ! 
Hear from the parents of our students who trusted us in this journey 🥰  #parentsreviews #parentstestimonials #parentsreview #parishramaneetacademy #neetacademy #neet
On this special day, let us express our gratitude to all the Gurus who have guided us, nurtured us, and shaped our lives. 
Tag your Guru in the comments below👇 and express your gratitude!  #gurupoornima #gurupoornima🙏 #parishramaneetacademy #neetacademy #neet #pradeepeshwar
This Doctor’s Day, believe in your dreams more harder. We are here to help you clear NEET with a neat score! With Parishrama, you are already halfway up the success ladder. Call us right away to know about our academic plans.  #doctorsday #doctors #doctor #doctorslife #doctorsofinstagram #nationaldoctorsday #doctorstrange #medical #doctorsclinic #medicine #doctorstranger #happydoctorsday #doctorswithoutborders #doctorlife #doctorsorders #mbbs #futuredoctor #parishramaneetacademy #doctorsappointment #doctorslifestyle #medicallife #doctorsdiary #healthcare #medschool #doctorstange #doctordoctor #anatomy #doctortobe #doctorsappt
Let the joyous atmosphere of Eid fill the surrounding with laughter, happiness, and harmony. May interactions be filled with respect, understanding, and empathy, creating a nurturing environment for learning and growth.  #edialadha #parishramaneetacademy
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