NEET syllabus 2022 pdf download for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a nationwide examination conducted for medical students. Every aspirant who takes

his examination needs to be well versed in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The syllabus and the question paper pattern are set by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The NTA decides and chooses important topics from the class 11 and 12 syllabi.

The full syllabus is available for download from the Parishrama NEET Academy website. Some important topics that one can focus on for NEET examinations are discussed here:

1. Physics:

The important topics in the NEET syllabus for Physics include Units and Measurements, Motion in One Dimension, Vectors, Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Optics, Heat and Its Transfer, etc. These are some of the very important topics that have made frequent appearances in NEET questions papers. The complete syllabus can be downloaded from Parishrama’s Website.

2. Chemistry:

The NEET syllabus for Chemistry is far more vast and inclusive of both Class 11 and 12 syllabi. While preparing for NEET 2022 one should not downplay the importance of Chemistry. Chemistry accounts for roughly one-fourth of the total marks in the NEET examination. It accounts for about 180 marks out of the total 720 and has about 50 questions.

3. Biology:

Biology, is essentially what the entire NEET exam revolves around. It is further divided into two parts, Zoology and Botany. Each subject accounts for 180 marks. Thus, Biology gauges for a total of 360 marks. This accounts for a whopping 50% of the total marks of the examination.

An understanding of the NEET exam syllabus is often not enough to crack the exam. The exam pattern changes frequently, and it becomes necessary to understand which topics bear higher weightage. The National Medical Commission changes the syllabus and pattern depending on multiple scenarios and whenever it deems fit. Hence, it becomes necessary to understand the overall pattern and syllabus when it comes to preparing for the examinations.

The following tables gives a chapter-wise breakdown of the the syllabus of each of the subjects:

NEET 2022 Physics Chapter-wise Syllabus Breakdown

NEET 2022 Chemistry Chapter-Wise Syllabus Breakdown

NEET 2022 Chemistry Chapter-wise Syllabus Breakdown

Figure 1: Marks Breakdown of Subjects in NEET 2022

The NEET examinations are becoming increasingly competitive in nature. With each passing year, there are more number of Registrations and more eligible and talented candidates. Hence, in foresight, it becomes extremely important to have a good idea of the Exam Pattern and the Exam syllabus.

With the ever-changing and updating list of Medical marvels it is indeed difficult to keep a track of these things. Thus, from the point of view of the candidate this becomes far easier when they are helped by Mentors or their teachers.

OMR Sheet and its Know-How

With OMR sheets being used to mark NEET exam answer sheets, It becomes very important to understand how to correctly use it. While the instructions are often provided on the sheet, itself, it is important to be prepared. Here are a few tips and important things you should know:

Always use the pen provided at the Examination centers.
Darken out your answer completely, and do not scribble on it. This will ensure the answer you have given to be registered by the Scanner.
Do not chose multiple answers for the same question, unless specified.
Do not cross or tick the answers. Always darken the circle completely.
Make sure to write the Test booklet code on the OMR sheet.
Use the designated sheets on the OMR for Rough work.

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