In the modern era, education has been pretty much standardized. The quality of medical education offered in, both Government and Private Medical Colleges is mandated by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This ensures that the quality of education is not tampered with. However, one aspect that does vary is their annual tuition fees. It is common knowledge and pretty much goes without saying the sheer difference between their tuition fees.

In retrospect, however, the price of Medical Education has always been exceptionally higher than any other field of study. Once an aspirant has cleared their medical entrance examination, they are hit with the harsh realization of the immense cost they have to bear to pursue the career of their dreams. And, aspirants who belong to low-income groups are left with little or no hope. Thus, the All India Pre-Medical Scholarship Test (AIPMST) is held by the National Board of Examination was introduced. This examination gives the aspirants, who have low family income, an opportunity to pursue the career of their dreams. The Human Resources Development Ministry’s Department of Higher Education also offers scholarships, called the Central Sector Scheme for Top Colleges and Universities Students. These are two government-recognized Scholarships that are offered to underprivileged aspirants whose annual family income falls below a certain limit.

All India Pre-Medical Scholarship Test (AIPMST)

The AIPMST is the biggest Scholarship examination in India. It provides the qualified aspirants with a platform, an opportunity to pursue their Medical Dreams. The AIPMST is an exam conducted with all Medical College boards in unison and is unrelated to any State of quotas or reservations. This ensures a smooth as well as a reliable and fair examination for all aspirants. This Scholarship is offered for aspirants admitted to Government as well as Private Medical colleges. The percentage and extent of Scholarships however differ.

Central Sector Scheme for Top Colleges and Universities Students

The Central Sector Scheme for Top Colleges and Universities Students is also one such Scholarship offered to students who are not able to overcome the sky-high tuition fees. In order to apply for this scholarship, an aspirant must have:

More than 80% marks in their 12th
Family’s annual income must be less than 8LPA.
They have also reserved 50% of their 80000 odd seats for girls which is a welcome sign for the female aspirants.
Multiple other Scholarships that are government-recognized are given to aid Medical students.

Dr. Abdul Kalam Scholarship for Medical Students:

This scholarship was realized to offer financial assistance to the economically weaker sections of the society, to those who cannot afford the astronomical tuition fees.

In order to be eligible for this Scholarship, a student must:

1. Have completed their 12th examination with at least 55% marks.

2. Must appear for the NEET exam and submit proof of their rank obtained.\

3. The income of the family of the aspirant must be less than 6 lakhs per annum.

All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination

AIYSEE or All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination was realized to help those who have are unable to pay the Medical tuition fees.

The eligibility criteria to attain the Scholarship are as follows:

1. Students must have passed or appeared in their 12th examination

2. They must also provide a Rank card as proof that they are appearing for the NEET examination.

3. The students must apply in February.

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test

The NEST conducted by the SEMCI and the Students’ Unity Foundation of India was realized to help medical aspirants across the country. This scholarship can be availed in 65 major cities across the country.

The key eligibility criteria for the NEST are:

1. Students must be studying MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS.

2. Students must have obtained minimum qualifying marks in their 12th examination.

3. Students in senior years are also eligible to apply.

Vahani Scholarship:

The Vahani Scholarship offered by the Vahani Foundation, a non-profit organization is one of the biggest scholarships. They offer up to 100% scholarship with accommodation and laptops to the aspirants who come from low-income families.

However, they offer this only a handful of exceptional Medical aspirants and the total number of seats is limited to 20.

The particulars, however, differ. Some offer payment of complete tuition fees and accommodation, others offer only a percentage of the tuition fees. These scholarships are given to talented students and those who are truly remarkable, academically, but are unable to pay their medical tuition fees. These Scholarships will give the brightest minds in the country, an opportunity to live and realize their dreams.