Medical Classroom Program For Xth Passed/XIth Studying Students [Appearing in PMT/NEET 2020]

There is a quantum jump in the difficulty level from class Xth to class XIth math and science. Students get rattled with the pressure because of school studies and preparations for competitive examinations simultaneously. Therefore we have scientifically designed this synchro-coaching program which covers both board and PMT syllabus in a strategic manner which requires minimal extra effort overboard exams. This course provides one stop solution for all your needs for BOARD and PMT preparations.

Course Description

Course CommencementApril-June of every year
Course CompletionAfter one year on 15th May subsequently
EligibilityXth Passed/XIth Studying
AdmissionIQ Test/Admission cum Scholarship Test
DurationTotal 1150 hours (900+170+80) Lectures+Tests+Sessions
Classes & Tests ClassRegular – 4 Days/Week, 4 Hour/Day Weekend (Sat, Sun) 7 Hours/Day
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We precede the syllabus as per NCERT sequence to make sure that the students always remain a step ahead in their studies and examinations at the school. The course consists of more than 1100 hours of classroom studying and is divided into eight phases.