‘A sound mind in a sound body’, as clichéd as it may sound, we at Parishrama totally believe in this, hence the special emphasis on rest and food. Our hostels are not mere a place to rest, it’s a place where bonds and friendships are built for life. Our team works on the upkeep of the hostels round the clock.

Right minds should always be rightly nourished

Parishrama NEET Academy acts as a backbone to students who wish to excel high in life. With proper care and attention to food and hygiene, the hostel at Parishrama, provides a home-like ambience. The hostel offers plush and well-appointed accommodations with all the amenities and facilities that comfort the students. With round-the-clock security surveillance, students are always under our protective watch. We strongly believe that right minds are always rightly nourished. Your mind works at full capacity when the body has rested well. With this thought, Parishrama provides the best possible hostel facility compared to industry standards. We ensure that basic facilities like hot water, UPS, Refrigerator (per floor) and Washing Machine (per floor) are provided so that the student can concentrate mainly on studies.

Check out our exclusive list of facilities

    Accommodation is provided with hygienic food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

    Regular house-keeping facilities

    Hot water facilities

    Biometric attendance is maintained

    Separate hostel blocks for boys and girls with 24-hour CCTV surveillance in the buildings

    24-hour medical assistance and transport facility is available for emergencies

Special Emphasis on Diet

We are known to over-feed the students, which we believe is necessary as the students go through grilling study hours, this needs a lot of energy and in this case, it is complemented by nutritious food provided to them. With breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, we ensure the students do not miss their home-cooked food as the same is prepared here with love and affection. You are welcome to taste the food yourself and trust us, it will be the same throughout the course.

Our chefs are specially trained to ensure nutrition value is maintained in whatever is prepared for the students.

Special team to look into food and diet of every student.

Students are always given choices in their food.

We take a poll once in a while to look for the most favourite dish and and ensure it is prepared.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that the students do not miss home cooked food.