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Cracking NEET !


NEET is one of the most reputed and hence one of the most competitive exams in India. It requires more than just books to crack NEET. Our research team gives the following tips as preparation strategy:

    • Trust your guide

With google maps coming in, trusting someone blindly has got a whole new meaning, hasn’t it? Same applies in the case of your NEET preparation, find a guide (your google map) and trust them, trust their methods, trust their suggestions, trust their ways. Remember, your guide has guided hundreds before you and will guide hundreds after you, there must be something why so many trust him/her. What if you choose the wrong guide? Google maps also leads you to dead end at times right? So be wise, choose a good guide.

    • Choose someone to handover your NEET time table to, give them the freedom to question you.

Gen Z does not like to be questioned. We understand that, but to crack NEET certain things should change. No matter how good we are at what we do, as humans we tend to slip, we tend to falter, we tend to fall, even Gen Z by the way. That is when the person who has the right to question us pitches in, they question us so that we fall back on track. So who is your unofficial NEET coach?

    • Well structured study hours

When we know that 1+1=2, then why not try 3-1? Although the result is the same, the approach can be different. NEET aspirants must invest maximum efforts during their preparation phase and understand various methods to solve a question. This can be achieved by developing well-structured study hours which helps a student work on their weak areas.

    • Solve multiple question papers

Make it a point to solve as many question papers as possible once you are thorough with the subjects. Solving previous year’s question papers is a must. This will help a student manage time better. In pressure situations, managing time can sometimes be a very decisive factor in cracking NEET. No better way to test that skill than to solve question papers keeping a clock very close to you.

    • Clear your doubts

A famous proverb says, “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”. NEET does not consider the number of times you asked questions and clarified your doubts with your teacher before exams, what it does test is whether you are clear of those doubts. Every doubt is an opportunity to learn better, so we suggest you should ask as many doubts and questions as possible.

    • Keep a tab on your health

Covid has changed many things, writing the NEET exam from hospital is not one of them. Doing things is good, overdoing things will not only impact your preparations but also your health. Be conscious about what you eat, stay healthy, have adequate sleep/rest, meditate, calm your mind from time to time. All this is definitely going to have a positive impact on your preparations and the ultimate test.

Parishrama NEET Academy encourages students to go beyond what they believe they can achieve because we believe that you can achieve more. Login to our website for model question papers, official NEET announcements, and many more.

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NEET – One Exam, Many Opportunities

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NEET – One Exam, Many Opportunities


Dreams come true to those who dare to pursue them!

It is often heard that a single sheet of paper does not decide the future of a student. This statement falls flat to all the NEET aspirants. So, what is NEET?

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) or NEET-UG is the single most significant examination which is organized by National Testing Agency (NTA) for all the students aspiring to pursue medical science. The exam offers a pure clarity of goal and has the power to change the trajectory of a student’s life forever. With the field of medicine rapidly growing in the world, medical science has become one of the most sought-after careers. By writing the NEET exam, aspirants can easily seek admittance into reputed universities to study courses such as MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, and so on.

With over 1.5 million students applying for the most coveted medical exam, here we bring you the benefits of being a NEET aspirant:

    • Equal opportunities for students

Any form of hierarchy does not apply in NEET examination as it is duly on a performance basis. To provide equal opportunities, students must prove their ability by excelling in the exam.

    • Transparency and fair

Any form of hierarchy does not apply in NEET examination as it is duly on a In the past, many institutions conducting state-level and private medical examinations under no proper guidance, may have been colluded and introduced malpractices. However, NTA, an Indian government agency approved by the Union Council of ministers, conducts the national-level NEET examination which replaces all other medical exams.

    • Sufficient time to provide answers

Any form of hierarchy does not apply in NEET examination as it is duly on a In the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) which was introduced before NEET, students were required to answer 200 questions in 3 hours (180 minutes), whereas in NEET, students can answer 180 questions within 3 hours. This provides a leeway of 20 questions allowing students sufficient time to answer the questions.

    • After clearing the exam

Any form of hierarchy does not apply in NEET examination as it is duly on

The NEET examination opens the door for many possibilities. Students who clear the exam by gaining marks within the cutoff range are eligible for admissions to any medical institution across the country. The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a highly promising career with intensive courses spread over a span of five years.

To support students in their pursuit, Parishrama NEET Academy provides exceptional training so that they can live their dream. We create the right environment for students to learn and grow as professionals. With our unique approach in teaching, we stand as one of the best NEET training institutes in Bangalore. We ensure that the students get the right guidance and timely assistance during their time with us.

   Here are some of the reasons why Parishrama shines as the best training institute in Bangalore:

    • Personalized training

At Parishrama, we believe that every student is unique, and their learning methods can vary. We ensure that personalized attention is given to every student in their learning process. This helps the students to clear their doubts without any hesitation.

    • Motivational sessions

Parishrama NEET Academy walks a mile ahead and provides mentors to encourage students throughout their preparation phase. Motivation can be a key asset to succeeding in competitive examinations. This can lead to better performance where students can outshine their own previous expectations.

Parishrama NEET Academy prepares students to face the competitive examinations and come out with flying colours. Join Parishrama NEET Academy today to kickstart your preparation.

    • Proven results

With a success rate of more than 90% year on year, Parishrama has proven to be the leader in NEET training. Our unique teaching methodology makes us a trusted name in the industry and with parents and students believing our vision, we owe a lot to them, it is our responsibility to live up to their expectations.

    • Top colleges

Any form of hierarchy does not apply in NEET examination as it is duly on AIIMS, JIPMER, BMC, you name it and our students have bagged seats in that institute. We are proud of the way our journey has been so far and we believe there is only one way from hereon, forward.

You are just one exam away from reaching your dreams! Let us help you with that.

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