Parishrama NEET Long Term Course

At Parishrama, we understand that a long term course aims at laying strong fundamentals. The deeper the knowledge, the better the preparedness. With our yearlong NEET training course, students gain confidence early in the cycle empowering themselves with advanced techniques that are crucial to ace the NEET exam.

With an emphasis to make students familiar with problem solving techniques, our integrated curriculum is sure to develop strong fundamentals and build expert knowledge in the area of medical science. This comprehensive course includes classroom interaction led by teachers and academicians with thorough and versatile experience.

With an eye for miniscule detailing, the entire syllabus is covered and completed well in advance allowing aspirant's sufficient time for self-preparation. At Parishrama, feedback is provided through micro-level analysis, and based on need and performance, special attention is provided to every student to excel in the exams.

*At any given time, a student is eligible for only one scholarship.